Life Changing Moment

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Life Changing Moment
Ever since I can remember I spent almost ever y day at my Grandparents house. They live right down the road from my family and me, and that is how they got the title “Grandma and Grandpa down the road”. They lived in a small house three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a small living room with a fire place that can worm the coldest heart. And in their back yard stood a shed filled with old farm equipment and stray cats with their kittens that I would try to catch every day. They are now both 78 years old and sadly not very healthy. My grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer in October, and it changed my grandpa’s life, my family’s life, and my life.

I remember that October day so perfectly. I got out of class, called my Aunt Gwen for directions to the hospital he was at, and went on my way. I arrived at the hospital just as my grandpa was slowly making his way down the hallway with his oxygen and with my aunt right by his side. I look at her face and I can tell she is trying to hold back tears. My Uncle Jacky was there too which is my grandpas oldest son. After the doctors we went to Ryan’s restaurant and ate lunch, its where he always ate with my grandma when she had to go to the doctors. Now my grandpa is a big guy and watching him barely eat that day was terribly hard. I could barely look at him for I was trying to hold back all my tears with everything I had. From that day on I knew my grandpa’s life wouldn’t be the same. The doctors said they would be able to cure him, the cancer had spread to his fluids. My grandpa has been doing chemo therapy to just slow the cancer down and sadly he has to come to his last treatment.

When this terrible news got around to the family we all grieved, especially my dad. My dad was my grandpa’s youngest son, and they are the closest out of all the kids. My dad is just like my grandpa, he’s hard working, tough, and hard of hearing. My dad was always down in the field with my grandpa. My grandpa would rack...
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