Turkish Airlines

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London Metropolitan University

Turkish Airlines Marketing Plan (Portfolio) Summer/Winter 2010/11 UK

By Nikola Georgiev Student ID: 07059973

CA3002C Aviation Commercial Planning and Marketing

Tutor: Nicholas Coleman

London Metropolitan University

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction 2. Business Strategy 2.1. Airline Overview 2.2. Existing Market 2.3. Competitors Overview and Situation analysis 2.4. The Competitors 2.4.1. British Airways 2.4.2. Pegasus Airlines 2.4.3. Easyjet 2.4.4. Competitors products 2.4.5. Competitive advantage of Turkish Airlines. 3. Strategic Marketing Focus. 3.1. Mission 3.2. Goals and Objectives 3.3. Values 3.4. Core competencies 3.5. External Environment -PEST Analysis 3.6. Internal Environment – SWOT Analysis 4. Marketing Plan 4.1. Target Market 4.1.1. Market Share Estimates by Class 4.1.2. Load Factor 4.1.3. Turkish Tourism and Business segments 4.1.4. Expatriates in Turkey 4.1.5. Transit Passengers of Istanbul 4.2. Intended Strategies 4.2.1. Market Penetration (Improving In-flight services) 4.2.2. Market Development (Extending new routes) 4.2.3. Product Development (First class private suite) 4.2.4.Cost reductions 4.3. Marketing programmes 4.3.1. Product 4.3.2. Price 4.3.3. Promotion 4.3.4. Place 4.3.5. Customer Service 5. Conclusion 6. Appendices (Tables and Charts) 7. References

CA3002C Aviation Commercial Planning and Marketing

Tutor: Nicholas Coleman

London Metropolitan University 1. Introduction A comprehensive marketing plan for Turkish Airlines, particularly focusing on its services, product differentiation, target markets and customer segments is vital to ensure its survival against the existing services provided by its competitors - British Airways, Pegasus Airlines and Easyjet. The objective of this marketing plan is to further develop Turkish Airlines market share in summer 2010 and winter 2010/11 period through marketing programs and initiatives. The task undertaken begins with overview of the company, its products for the UK market and competitive advantage, followed by an in-depth analysis of the current situation on the London, Manchester and Birmingham to Istanbul routes, by providing extensive analysis of overall capacity between the city pairs and analysis of the competition. These actions are being performed in order to better understand where Turkish Airlines should focus its marketing campaign and how it should differentiate its product. The report also looks at the airline internal strengths and weaknesses through SWOT analysis and identifies the airline external operating environment through PEST analysis. Marketing promotions highlighted in this marketing plan serve to increase market share in the short term while the advertisements seek to increase product and brand awareness in the long term. Finally, the report will be concluded with an overall summary of the company situation, market share and evaluation of its future marketing activities. 2. Business Strategy Turkish Airlines has pursued a strategy focused on growth and development for many years and is now one of world‟s fastest rising airlines. A clear measure of Turkish Airline‟s rise is its status as one of the world‟s 4-star airlines, as measured by Skytrax(1), which has covered the airline sector for 18 years. Turkish Airlines now has its sights set on a 5-star rating. Constantly seeking innovation, which it passes onto its passengers through high quality service, Turkish Airlines is an airline that rapidly implements transformative solutions in support of growth and development. Acting on these values, the airline will continue to build upon its success as it advances towards becoming a global airline and a Turkish brand name recognized around the world. 2.1. Airline Overview Turkish Airlines, Turkey‟s national flag carrier, was founded in Ankara on 20 May 1933 as “State Airlines Administration,” under the direction of the Ministry of Defence. In 1955, it was restructured into...
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