Turkish Airlines Marketing Plan

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Marketing Management
Turkish Airlines Marketing Plan

Table of Contents

Terms of Reference3
Executive Summary3
Business Mission3
External Marketing Audit
Internal Marketing Audit7
Operating results7
Strategic Issues Analysis 9
Marketing Mix Effectiveness10
Marketing Structures and Systems11
SWOT Analysis12
Marketing Objectives13
Core Strategy13
Marketing Mix Decisions13
Organization and Implementation15
Reflexive Account17
References 20

Word count excluding appendices, diagrams, tables, figures and table of contents is 3490.

1. Terms of Reference
Turkish airlines celebrated 75th year in civil aviation in 2008, where they started with only 19 seat capacity, now making plans to be one of the major players of the global market.

2. Executive Summary
* Company follows an aggressive growth strategy
* Despite economic slump, performing even better than past. * Company is a customer-oriented company.
* Has a very good chance to achieve goals because macro and micro measures are favoring THY. * Company retaining programs should be made more attractive. * Global brand awareness should be increased.

* Customer relations should be transferred to digital in order to get more reliable, dynamic feedbacks.

3. Business mission
Turkish airlines describes its mission to become the preferred leading European air carrier with a global network of coverage thanks to its strict compliance with flight safety, reliability, product line, service quality and competitiveness, whilst maintaining its identity as the flag carrier of the Republic of Turkey in the civil air transportation industry.

In order to be the leader first priority goes to constant growth where they achieved doubling the number of passengers and tripling revenues between 2004 – 2009, which gave them rightfully, earned Europe’s fastest growing airline title. To keep the edge, Turkish airlines has goals of utilizing the latest technologies, avoid major crashes and accidents, sales and distribution costs below industry averages, unit costs equating low cost carriers, service excellence to match and surpass customer expectations.

Turkish airlines is a member of Star Alliance, since 1 April 2008 which emerged potential for an entrepreneurship that creates business opportunities for fellow members in Star Alliance and takes advantage of the business potential provided by them.(See Appendix Awards)

4. External Marketing Audit

Although EU membership negotiations goes snail pace, possible future EU membership should not be disregarded. New regulations and liberalization policies of EU-orientation gave boost to company growth plans.

Intensions of Turkish government’s investing huge amounts of money next 25 years in to transportation and communication will inevitably benefit the company as well.

Political area is subject to power change in any moment which could cause policies against sustainable economy.

Current slump on global economy and the pressures of rising fuel prices on the aviation sector has inevitable negative effects on the company as well as its competitors. (Appendix Global economy)

Thriving domestic market, according to Eurocontrol, IFR movements in Turkey in 2009 increased 4.1% year-on-year, to be one of the few European countries to experience growth. (App. Global trend)

As Turkey is becoming a more popular tourism destination demand for transport to this destination increases accordingly. World tourism organisation forecasts for next ten years, the strongest growth in tourism volume, in east Mediterranean sub-region, with Turkey, Cyprus and Israel all expecting growth rates more than double the European average 6.

Ecological Environment:
(App. Environmental-friendly aircrafts)

Huge population of Turkish Diaspora, estimated 5.5...
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