Tuesdays with Morrie Part 1

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  • Published : July 11, 2009
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One part of Morrie’s personality is his ability to draw human spirit and genuine emotion from everyone he befriends. Morrie believes that love and compassion are key methods of communication. During their meetings, he tells Mitch stories about his life and about his personal beliefs; he teaches him to reject pop-culture beliefs and to create his own values based on compassion and what he can offer others. Morrie is adamant about maintaining his own values and beliefs. He has learned to accept his death and manages to continue offering love and compassion through his constant struggle. Morrie also accepts and does not become ashamed of his disabilities. When he becomes sick and can no longer do his daily tasks without help from others, he embraces this and enjoys feeling like an infant or a child. Since he was so deprived of love in his childhood, he now thrives on the affection and love of others. It’s as if he has returned to his childhood and is finally getting the love and compassion he desired as a young boy. Mitch is a sports writer who gave up his dream of becoming a musician for a life of money, success and possessions. Since his college graduation he had become very focused on his career and driven by greed. He works most days and nights dedicating little time to himself or his wife. When the union for the Detroit newspaper goes on strike, he finds himself for the first time, without steady work or paycheck. Since his visits with Morrie and the strike, he becomes very frustrated with his career decisions, materialistic attitude and the way he treats his relationships. Through his meetings with Morrie, he realizes that he must change this life in which he thought he was happy. He wants another chance to rethink his values and priorities so that he can create a fulfilling life for himself before it is too late. Through his meetings with Morrie, he has learned how much of his life he has wasted consumed in his work. After listening to Morrie’s philosophies...
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