To Enjoy Good Health, to Bring True Happiness to One's Family, to Bring Peace to All, One Must First Discipline and Control One's Own Mind. If a Man Can Control His Mind He Can Find the Way to Enlightenment, and All

Topics: Basketball, Tuesdays with Morrie, Morrie Schwartz Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: July 26, 2012
When an individual is bound by any type of constraints of conventions or circumstances, their initial natural reaction is resistance. Nonetheless, it is their ability to rise above those restrictions that defines who they really are. In the poem “Diary of a Piano Turner’s Wife”, by Wilmer Mills, the wife chooses to respond to the adverse circumstances by choosing her independence and not giving in to the conventions. The novel Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom shows Morrie Schwartz’s ability to stay positive, after going through and facing a lot of difficulties in life. In a similar manner, I can also relate to both these texts as I have been subjected to these restrictions time and again. In Diary of a Piano Tuner’s Wife by Wilmer Mills, Mills describes Piano Tuner as an individual who follows the constraints of convention in order to maintain his business. Meanwhile, Mill also uses Piano Tuner’s wife’s description, her choices, and her actions to convey the message that one must overcome their constraints, because if not, we may grow dissatisfaction within ourselves. Piano Tuner’s wife has turned out to be an unenthusiastic person over the years while living with her husband who is busy “keeping the world in tune.” She is a wife and a mother who refuses to give up her independence anymore and realizes that she is “more than just another string he (her husband) fails to tune.” Eventually, she discovers who she actually is beneath all the adversities by overcoming them. Morrie Schwartz faced a lot of constraints throughout his life. In his childhood, the first circumstantial constraint that he had to face was his mother’s death and the acceptance of it. Morrie could not get out of his denial stage for a long time, which gradually made him a person who never shares his grief with anyone. He also faced his father’s rejection but eventually, that made him want to be a better father to his children. Another major constraint Morrie faced was him being diagnosed...
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