Tudor Architecture

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Feda Al-Abed Al-Abed 1 Mrs. Zanos / Mrs. Palmer
English 10 R
5 December 2012
Tudor Architecture

In the Elizabethan Age architecture and furniture were very beautiful and classic. The architectures had so many abstract styles. The church buildings had a lot of styles and different textures to it. Tudor architecture from the 1500’s was a timeless style and because of this it’s still used in today’s modern style of architecture. Architecture from the 1500’s had so many beautiful modern styles. The Gothic style of architecture was the architecture of many castles, towns, universities and palaces. “The Gothic style of architecture moved into the renaissance style of architecture.” (1). The Renaissance style of architecture in England was Hampton Court. Hampton Court is a royal palace in London. Hampton court is similar to courts these days from the way it was built and the way the modern styles with bricks gives the fancy look to the building. “Hampton Court also boasted wonderful marble floors instead of the used as floor coverings during the medieval era; also the renaissance interest in astrology was also included with a huge clock which was an amazing feature of the Hampton Court.”(1). “Upper class houses of the wealthy followed a similar renaissance style of Elizabethan architecture.” (1). People used stone and expensive bricks for durability and appearance. Architects these days have very large posts on a building or in front of Al-Abed 2 buildings. The modern style of today’s architecture is mostly designed with bricks and stones. “One of the most impressive houses built during the Elizabethan era which made use of such...
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