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* To help us know the shortcomings of Nike officers about their failed marketing strategies and learn from their mistakes * To emphasize the wrong move done by the senior managers. * To carefully plan the courses of action the next time they make strategic planning Areas of Consideration

There are facts stated in the case which need to be considered in order to address the problem of the company: * From 1997 to 1999, Nike didn’t have a chief financial officer. * Succession issues and the difficulty of the new CEOs to fill in the positions of the founders. * In the old days at Nike, the culture encouraged local managers to spend big and to go flat-out for market share instead of profitability. * Nike’s brand acquisitions and giving them the independence in pulling resources and expertise. * Keeping pace with the tough competition and techno-battle against strong competitors like Adidas, K-Swiss, Diesel and Puma. Alternative Courses of Action

Nike may have been quite lucky in its sales especially when Air Jordan was first released in the market and when it expanded into acquiring several shoe brands. However, success of one organization doesn’t just depend solely on how well the company is performing. The people within the organization also play a vital role in keeping the company’s luck and making it survive amidst the stiff competition. With consideration to what Nike is going through, we are giving the following courses of action: * Establish a good internal communication and employee-employer relationship. * The top management should try adopting a participatory leadership. * As Parker stated, there is really a need to refresh the organization with the basic pieces of the business: operating principles, financial management, supply chain renovation and inventory management. * The company should go back to its roots and try to review its operations in the past years and...
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