Tuba Tuba

Topics: Anaerobic digestion, Biogas, Methane Pages: 5 (1675 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Tuba –tuba (Jatropha curcas) fruits
as a source of biogas

Gasoline oils are very much in demand in the Philippines, especially in the transports companies and local oil companies. These companies heavily depend on foreign gasoline oils or imported oils for adequate supply and are spending not only billions but trillions of dollars for the import of gasoline oils. The Philippines rank___among the oil importing countries, garnering 0.77% of the world’s import share and practically imports more than 90% of the countries requirements.

Given the outlook for the continuing economic crisis of the country, one will assume that the price for gasoline oils is also likely to grow, as lesser money becomes available for discretionary funding. It is therefore timely and relevant to further develop and explore the oil bearing plants to lessen the country’s dependence on imported oils.

Moreover, tuba-tuba plant is an important oil component in soaps preparation. It is also used in fumigating houses to expel bugs. In addition it has been said that tuba-tuba is an important feedstock for the production of biofuels. This study, therefore was conducted in order to develop a new product, the biogas, using the fruits from tuba-tuba so as to save on imported and most importantly increase local employment and help the economy to grow. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

This study was conducted to test the effectiveness of the tuba-tuba plant in producing biogas which can be an alternative source of gasoline. Specifically, it aims: a) To know if there is really flame produce by the biogas digester. b) To determine the colour of the flame for us to identify the type of flame produce by the biogas digester c) To know how long the flame from the biogas digester will last. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

Nowadays the price of the gasoline is becoming more expensive due to the reason that any parts of the world are now experiencing the so called economic crisis. The higher and good class of gasoline however, are very costly, and could cost up to $3.00 for a gallon of gasoline because of the increasing demands and needs of gasoline in our every day life. Other alternative sources like coco diesel and the gemilina plants have not been totally proven to be effective. Tuba-tuba plants on the other hand are easily available from any part of the Philippines. There will be sufficient amount of biogas that will be readily available to substitute the expensive gasoline that we are currently using. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY

This study was conducted at the Brgy. Tubod Iligan City and it focused on testing the effectiveness of tuba-tuba fruits in producing biogas as alternative source of expensive gasoline. Tuba-tuba was gathered from Brgy. Tambacan Iligan City and only those ripen fruits were gathered and it was placed on the biogas digester to under go anaerobic decomposition. The researcher placed the set-up in a warm location such as in a sunlit window they wrapped the outside of the container in a black plastic or construction paper to discourage algae from growing inside the container. Observations were done for a week –after almost all of the fruits were totally decomposed.

Review of Related Literature
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