Bio Gas Project Report

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Community biogas plants: IEI’s Rural Electricity and Water Supply Utility (REWSU) project with special reference to the utility at Mavinakere (Arsikere taluk, Hassan district, Karnataka)

September 2003

Prepared by K.V.Narasimha Murthy, Chandru B.T. and Antonette D’Sa

International Energy Initiative

25/5 Borebank Road, Benson Town, Bangalore 560 046 E-mail:

List of tables List of figures List of annexures 1. Background 2. IEI’s REWSU Project 2.1. Status of REWSUs assessed during October/November 2000 2.2. Reasons for non-operation 2.3. Continuation of operation 3. Case study of Mavinakere village 3.1. Socio-economic statistics 3.2. Household energy and water requirements 3.2.1. Household energy needs 3.2.2. Water required for domestic/irrigation purposes 3.3. Performance of the biogas-based water supply utility 3.3.1. Qualitative factors 3.3.2. Quantitative factors 3.3.3. Comparison of life-cycle costs 4. Further scope 5. Lessons learnt Annexures References

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i International Energy Initiative, Bangalore

Tables and figures pertaining to the case-study on Mavinakere List of tables: Table 1: Educational levels in the village Table 2: Land holding pattern Table 3: Livestock ownership pattern Table 4: Electricity connections Table 5: Census of household electrical appliances Table 6: Average monthly electricity bills for domestic connections Table 7: Crops cultivated (2002) Table 8: Operation of the plant (between December 1997 and May 2003) Table 9: Average fuel consumption of the biogas-diesel engine (January to December 2002) Table 10: Reasons for non-operation and diesel-mode operation of the system 12 Table 11: Component-costs of the biogas-diesel plant @ 2003 prices List of figures: Figure 1: Operations during the year 2002 Figure 2: Daily dung collection for the year 2002 Figure 3: Fuel supply during the year 2002 Figure 4: Operating expenses for the year 2002 Figure 5: Tariff collection Figure 6: Tariff realisation Figure 7: Plant operations – June 2003 Figure 8a: Costs of power at increasing hours of operation Figure 8b: Costs of electricity at increasing hours of operation Figure 9a: Comparison of the costs of power varying with discount rates Figure 9b: Comparison of the costs of electricity varying with discount rates 13 13 14 14 15 15 16 19 19 20 20 6 6 7 8 9 11 12


List of annexures

ii International Energy Initiative, Bangalore



The need for supplying water and electricity to homes in India’s rural areas is rather obvious. According to the decennial Census of 2001, 72.2% of India’s 1,027 million people live in rural areas and, while over 86% of the 0.6 million villages are connected to the state electric grids, only 43.52% of homes are electrified (Census of India, 2001). The rural household water-supply situation is analogous to this; most villages have at least a well, many have government-sponsored hand-pumps and even more elaborate water-supply schemes using grid-supplied electricity, but very few household-supply systems. The proportion of all rural families with access to drinking water within a distance of 500 meters from their homes has increased from 26.3% in 1981, to 55.9% in 1991, and 80.5% in 2001 (Census of India, 1981, 1991, 2001) but only 28.7% experience the convenience of a source of water at their houses. If, in addition to providing household water and/or lighting, a system is locally managed and operated, it allows the participating users to be in control and also avoids the losses inherent in delivery from centralised systems to dispersed consumers. Further, if it runs on an easily and locally available renewable source of energy, its supply of fuel would be...
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