Tthe Plantation

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The Plantation

1.No, I do not believe that the team sales approach would work in other sales organizations because many organizations have developed without objective analysis of their purpose and structure. The buying power in many industries is no longer evenly distributed - in a large number of markets a few big firms control the majority of purchases. The development of new marketing techniques has meant that some tasks traditionally performed by the sales team can be more effectively handled by other methods. The prime objective of all sales staff is to gain business. From an organizational point of view, however, how they all achieve their goals must be defined in order to identify what kind and the quality of skills that are required.

2.No, past sales successes of an organization are not always good indicators of new sales opportunities because. The questions that I would have asked Dan Cross during the interview process if I were Roger Owens are:- (a) What designation (licenses and certifications) do you hold? (b) What is your investment philosophy (c) What is your target client profile? (d) How will you communicate with me and how often? (f) Could anyone besides me benefit from your recommendations?

3.The “cowbell” theory used by Dan Cross would work very well in other sales and Marketing organizations because of the following attributes of organizations: (a) They are both modelers and marketers, allowing them to see the customer’s needs from a business as well as from a technical perspective; (b) They customize their models and their output to the customer’s specific needs rather than supplying standardized results; (c) Their commitment to technical innovation means that they can continuously offer best-practice modeling techniques to address the customer’s analytical needs; (d) Their personnel have years of client-side experience in addition to strong consulting and supplier backgrounds, so they understand the critical...
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