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1. What is Tractor Supply Company’s growth strategy? What retail mix does TSC provide?

They call themselves the growing company. They want to increase traffic and sales through constant improvements, so they invest in every aspect and they are focused on everything, not just how to sell and make a profit. They want their customers to be happy and come back again. TSC have their own goals and strive towards it constantly, and therefore they are in a growth phase. Their growth strategy is to give their best in all aspects, from customers to employees, goods, products, stores and everything they possess. They care a lot about their customers, they want them to be satisfied and to success in their business. In my opinion, TSC uses many retail mixes; from an assortment of goods, services, design shops, visual things, location and price. As I have already said, it all has its role in the sale. They possess the essential items for the farm, but also for farmers. They have good service because they have trained employees, who are farmers and love their jobs. Stores are arranged by the regulations that customers can manage and enjoy shopping. Also locations of the stores are available for customers. In front of stores there is plenty space, which serve for visual marketing and sales. They have a price range in which each customer can find what they want.

Why and how has TSC’s target customer changed over time?

At the very beginning the company has experienced success and their sale was very good. Diffusion of their stores brought them the big profit and a good start. However, when they opened additional stores to serve the needs of local farmers, things have changed. Local farmers who were serving in the TSC were being acquired by large farming and ranching corporations. These large firms buy agricultural supplies and equipment directly from manufacturers rather than through local farm supply stores like TSC. Because of that TSC had to change their target...
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