Truth of a Southern Dream

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The Truth of a Southern Dream

In Fitzgerald's "Ice Palace", Sally Carrol Happer is a Georgia girl tired of the lazy and unambitious South. She desires to break free from her hometown of Tarleton, captivated by the promises and new opportunities in the North. Her fiancée Harry is supposed to be the fiancée that can provide her this new lifestyle, but her romanticized vision becomes disillusioned. Sally Carrol's misconception of the shimmering North is captured after experiencing the reality of its imprisoning nature, causing her to grasp the concept that she belongs in the South.

Sally Carrol Happer is a restless southern woman from Georgia. Her yearning of seeing the world in a grand scale causes her desire to marry a Yankee, a "refined" man from the North. She showcases her decision as she says to her friends, "'I'm not sure what I'll do, but—well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale'" (4). Sally Carrol believes that the North will provide her with vast opportunities to become a forward thinker, without realizing the true nature of the area. The closest she has been to the North is Asheville, North Carolina, where she met Harry. Thus, she has little knowledge on Harry's background, or on the North itself.

Sally Carrol doesn't understand the concept of misplacement when first arriving in the North. She believes that she can assimilate into the northern culture with ease, exclaiming, "This was the North, the North—her land now!" (9). But as the story progresses, her misplacement in Harry's territory is slowly revealed. She explains to him, "'I sure do feel confused. I haven't got an idea whether I'll like it or not, an' I don't know what people expect, or anythin'. You'll have to tell me, honey'" (11). She has no clue how to act in this new environment. Sally Carrol came to the North so she can gain knowledge and experience the South is deprived of, but has no idea how to fit in. As...
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