Trusting Others, Trusting Yourself

Topics: 1998 singles, Thought, Want Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: October 6, 2011
I have seen many kinds of flowers in a flower shop. Everyone of them was different but all of them are pretty. All of them are standing straight up proudly. Without competing to see which was the best among them, they are all trying to be the best the way they are. That thing left a question in my mind. So why then we humans have to compare ourselves to one another? Even though each and every person is different, why do we want to be number one? Sometimes we even tried to beat others in any possible way. First, we started to state things that are far from the truth. We say things about ourselves that will wowed people so that they will think that we are different, one of a kind, and special. We may feel happy at first, but later on will you still be happy? People now acknowledge your existence, but was that really you? Later on, you will look for a friend, a companion. You wanted to impress him or her. You want them to think of you as someone special. You started to say things again which are not true about you. They were so impressed. You won. As time goes by, you began to trust this friend. You still say those amazing things about yourself, your family, or other friends. Now, this friend of yours got a little annoyed, let's say jealous. This friend also wants to amazed you about him or her. He or she started the story. You found the story great, you don't want to lost so you said something more amazing than that. Your friend was amazed too, told you another story, and so on. This is just a simple story of my understanding of how people started to become fake. As you see, it starts with jealousy. We become jealous of the things other people had experienced or possessed. Feeling small, we say things that are on the same level or higher than of your friend. All of of us want someone we can call our 'friend'. Someone we can trust and understands us. But sometimes, we want to hide our weaknesses and things that we are lacking. We are afraid that we might...
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