Were the Crysades Causedby Religious

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Flowers for Algernon Final Test

Multiple Choice

1. Algernon is able to beat Charlie in the maze because
a. Algernon had the operation to make him smarter
b. The mazes are different and Charlie’s is harder
c. All mice are smarter than Charlie
d. Charlie lets Algernon win

2. What do you learn about Charlie’s character from this description of Dr. Strauss? “It was as if he’d hidden this part of himself in order to deceive me, pretending—as do so many people I’ve discovered—to be what he is not.” e. Charlie wishes to be more like he was before the operation f. Charlie has discovered that smart people never pretend g. Charlie no longer believes that doctors are smart people h. Charlie has become suspicious as he has become smarter

3. The long story is divided into progress reports in order of date to i. Show that Charlie is unable to think of chapter titles before his surgery j. Track Charlie’s thoughts and development before and after surgery k. Help Charlie keep track of different reports for Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur l. Tell the story of Charlie’s surgery and learning from different points of view

4. What can you infer about Charlie’s character from this excerpt? “I told her how can you tell storys about pepul you never met. I said why shud I make up lies. I never tell lies any more because I always get caut.” m. Charlie pretends to be less intelligent because he wants the surgery but can’t afford it. n. He grows impatient because he wants to have the surgery, but there are many tests to take. o. Charlie battles depression because he has a lifetime of failures and disappointments. p. He lacks creativity because he associates storytelling with lying.

5. Why does Charlie leave the factory?
q. He wants to spend all of his time reading and listening to music. r. He believes that he is too smart to work in a factory. s. His coworkers are afraid of his sudden intelligence. t. Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur want him to live at the lab.

6. The main reason Charlie keeps a diary is to
u. Help the doctors keep track of his progress
v. Impress Miss Kinnian
w. Make himself seem more intelligent
x. Help him in the future remember how intelligent he was

7. One of the main reasons the doctors choose Charlie for the experiment is because of his y. Family background
z. Motivation
{. Brain formation
|. Performance on tests

8. To “pull a Charlie Gordon” means to do something
}. Stupid
~. Forbidden
. Amusing
. Dangerous

9. Immediately after the operation, Charlie is disappointed because . His friends make fun of him
. He loses his job
. He doesn’t feel any smarter
. Miss Kinnian won’t teach him anymore

10. After reading Charlie’s progress reports, Miss Kinnian runs out of the room because . She needs to get something out of her eye
. She is frustrated with Charlie’s lack of progress
. She is upset about how Charlie has been treated
. She is angry because Charlie disagrees with her

11. As Charlie become more intelligent, he also becomes much . Kinder
. More forgiving
. Happier
. Lonelier

12. When Charlie discovers the Algernon-Gordon effect, he realizes that . The experiment will fail
. The operation should have been done differently
. The doctors have been lying to him
. He will become even more intelligent

13. Which character foreshadows what will happen to Charlie? . The dishwasher
. Dr. Strauss
. Joe
. Algernon


14. What does proportional mean?
. Marked by an increase in determination
. Relating to an event from one’s childhood
. Causing a disturbance in routine or expectation
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