Truss Essay

Topics: Truss, Structural system, Structural engineering Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Roof Truss Essay

If I was building a 10 pitch roof I would use a roof truss rather than using a rafter. A roof truss is a rigid, strong frame work made up of wood members, such as 2” X 4”s, fastened and held together by metal connector plates. A roof truss consists of one or more triangular units constructed of straight pieces that are connected at the ends by joints. Personally roof trusses are superior due to its number of different designs, they are very strong, and lastly they are installed quickly.

Wood trusses come in variety of different designs. They are used to make almost any building in the world because of its vast designs. When using trusses I would be satisfied with my house because I get to have the roof of my choice. Trusses also give an advantage to uniqueness in a house because they all won’t look the same. That is why I would prefer a truss rather than a rafter.

Trusses are designed to be very strong. They have a high level of strength and capacity. Using a truss roof will allow me to safely place weight on the roof. Having a strong roof is a benefit of a good roof that will last a couple of years. Trusses are so strong they can bare a fire since it takes a long time to burn out and since all the pieces are spaced out it will take a longer time to fall apart giving the people who live in the house time to evacuate.

Lastly, another advantage of installing a truss roof is that they are installed quickly. The quicker the process is the less amount of labor cost it takes to spend. Also, trusses aren’t messy the come prefabricated they just need to be installed causing the job site to be much cleaner than a standard job site. If I use a roof truss it will take less time to be put up and if I need to work on other things around the house I will have time, therefore this is another advantage of a truss.

In conclusion I would use a roof truss because they are very handy. They come in vast designs causing me to have a say in what...
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