Loft Insulation

Topics: Heat, Heat transfer, Convection Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Loft insulation is needed because in uninsulated homes the hot air particles rise through the roof causing heat loss , on average 25 percent of the heat is lost through the roof due to uninsulated lofts. Insulating lofts is very effective as it reduces heating bills and helps towards energy costs.. In a house where there is no loft insulation installed it would cost £250 and would save £145 per year , also save 730kg of co2 per year. Although if the loft is insulated but needs to be topped up to 270mm it costs £250 and saves £40 per year and 210kg of co2 per year. There are many advantage of insulating the home some of them have been mentioned above and some others are ; the house suits the weather staying warmer in winter and cooler in summer , the problems with condensation will be reduced , mainly from the upper levels of the home there will be noise reduction from outside. Loft insulation reduces heat loss by the materials used for insulation preventing the movement of the heated air particles , this is done by the fibres not letting the warm air escape. The energy is transferred by a conductor being the ceiling , into the loft. Without loft insulation a convection current takes place where the warm air moves through the roof space after the air at the base of the loft warms up leaving the air to escape through the roof (tiles). When the loft is insulated it is considered as a blanket trapping rising heat in the house. The convection current does not allow the uninsulated lofts to move the air in the insulation. Heat energy in the loft is transferred by the convection currents to the roof tiles. It has trapped air which is a poor insulator as warm particles are less dense. There are four basic types of insulating materials used are matting,loose-fill,blown insulation is made of fire and rigid insulating boards. The thickness of the material plays a big part for the loft insulation this is because in order to reduce the amount of heat loss ,the insulation has...
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