Trurl's M

Topics: Stanisław Lem, The Cyberiad, Michael Kandel Pages: 3 (1077 words) Published: February 1, 2011
Title: Trurl’s Machine
Author: Stanislaw Lem
As a boy Stanislaw Lem showed an early interest in science as well as in the imaginary worlds of fantasy and science fiction. The young Lem’s interest in tinkering mechanical devices of all sorts was put to use by secretly damaging the German vehicles during the Nazi occupation. Later on, he became a full time writer establishing himself as leading science fiction writer in Eastern Europe. This writer from Lvov Poland (now Ukraine) worked on serious themes as the purpose of life and relationship between human beings and technology. Characters:

-He is a constructor who built an eight-story thinking machine. -He is so disappointed that his machine can’t answer his mathematical questions.
He is a constructor like Trurl.
He tries to convince Trurl to exhibit his machine, because for sure people would flock to the stupidest thinking machine that ever was.
Trul’s machine
It is the most stupid thinking machine.
A machine that is sensitive, dense, stubborn but quick to take offense.

It happened once upon a time in Trurl’s town. In this place Trul made a machine, the stupidest one. The machine can’t answer Trurl’s mathematical questions correctly. Trurl is so disappointed with his machine so even though he was warned by the machine, he kept on kicking it. Because of this his town was destroyed and buried the finest town citizens.

Once upon a time Trurl, a constructor built an eight-story thinking machine. As always, he asks it a ritual question of how much is two plus two. Every time he asks this question the machine always says seven that make him so disappointed. He collapsed in despair at the foot of the machine, and sat there until Klapaucius found him. Klapaucius asked what was wrong, for Trurl looked as if he had just returned from a funeral. Trurl explained what happened and Klapaucius said that there still a good side to everything. Trul keeps on...
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