Percy Julian Biography

Topics: DePauw University, Percy Lavon Julian, Corticosteroid Pages: 3 (693 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Rakiyah Burks
March 22,2012
Science 3B
Percy Julian Project

Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius

Percy Lavon Julian

Born: April 11,1899 Montgomery, Alabama
Death: April 19, 1975
Occupation: Academic, Civil Right Activist, Medical Proffessional Chemist Education: De Pauw University, Harvard University

Who is Percy Julian? I have to be very honest, at first I did not know who he was, No wonder the movie that was shown to my fellow classmates in science class called Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius, was called “ Forgotten Genius” because I literally forgot or knew nothing about him. In addition, I am extremely proud to write this essay about him considering that I had no idea who he was at first. Percy Julian best known as a pioneer in the chemical synthesis of medical drugs such as cortisone, sterioids and birth control pills. Furthermore, in the rest of my essay you will be reading about his scientific achievements, his buisness achievements, the challenges and discrimination he faced in America while pursuing his education and career, the mentoring he received, and the actions he took to further civil rights. Percy Julian faced challnges and discrimiantion in America while pursuing his education and career.

Percy Julian faced challnges and discrimination in America while pursuing his education and career. He was born in Montgomery, Alabama. Back then the city did not provide no education for black students in the eight grade. But he persisted and entered De Pauw University in Indiana as a “sub freshman”. He had to take about several classes to get caught up with what his public school did not provide for him there. But he ended up graduating top of his class in 1920. With his determination and will power he became one of the best black scientists ever. Julian had some scientific and buisness achievements as well.

Julian had some scientific and buisness achievements as well. He was best known for the synthesis of medical drugs...
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