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  • Published : March 16, 2011
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True Love Waits

Be pure... Be wise... Be blessed... These are the “three important Be’s” to be remembered especially when you are in a relationship... Purity is one of the mos hottest issues these days... Luckily, Kuya Kevin is here to help.

I wasnt able to attend his TLW seminar (True Love Waits Seminar) but I managed to ask some few questions to my classmates who attended... And luckily, I can relate to them because I had read one of Kuya Kevin’s Books. (Basta Love Life)

First of all, I think these kinds of seminars are very essential and beneficial to the youth for they are given information about the importance of their chastity. This kind of dissemination of information helps a lot in buiding the moral values of every juvenile, keeping them away from doing unnecessary things and leading them to the right path.

I agree to the statement that true love waits. As a saying goes “By two wings a man is lifted up from things earthly: by simplicity and purity.” We must refrain from engaging to premarital sex because doing so is also doing God’s will. Love is not equally the same with sex. True love means respecting your partner, and not to push him or her in doing unholy things. It’s essence is to show concern to one another and showing your affections without unbuttoning your partner’s shirt.

And also, as the children of God, we must adhere to what the Bible says, because Our Father wants us to be good individuals. We must not let ourselves to get beaten by the forces of evil. We must commit ourselves in promoting sexual abstinence until marriage, and should conform to the proper ethics and learnings we get from the word of God.

We must always remember that there is a right time for everything. Let’s take life slowly but surely. I know, in God’s time, all of us will be able to find our true love without surrendering our innocence. And also, TRUE LOVE means waiting patiently for the right time... =)

Name: Michaela Krishia C. Perada
BSA 1-1...
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