Truck Dispatch System

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Operator Independent Truck Dispatch System (O.I.T.D.S.) - It is a Global Positioning System based Truck Dispatch System(TDS). It is a system which cover the functionality of the production, surveying and other related department of the mine relevant to the operation of TDS. It's working in online transaction- processing (OL TP) environment with real time monitoring of HEMM performance.

The system assists in the following works
• Reducing queuing of dumpers and idle time of high value HEMM. • Providing accurate and timely information towards achieving streamlined operation • Improved maintenance of records, proper analysis of data which will lead to accurate planning and scheduling of maintenance related activities. • It also assists in timely generation of reports, effective communication up to remotest end of the mine, ready availability of updated mine map on the screen and the list of operators on duty. You may add

Continous blending for quality control of mill feed
Locating of trucks in distress
Grade wise and average feed grade,correction when required
Communicating in case break down of loading and haul equpmt
Alterrnate route identification in case of blockage
In case of increase in haul time cautions road/dump conditions Replacement of truck
and host of other areas

|Right on track | |Nirdeshak, CMC’s new GPS-based automatic fleet management system, innovatively combines the latest in IT| |and technology to make real-time mapping and tracking a reality.  | | | |The world is shrinking. Technological advances in recent years have made real-time communication across | |geographies a reality, permanently altering the way we interact with each other. This revolution, | |however, has far-reaching implications on the way businesses function as well.  | | | |Today, across industries there is a growing need to have a finger on the pulse of what is happening – | |within the company, within the sector, or on the larger canvas of global business. Recognising this, | |CMC, a forerunner and innovator in IT solutions, focussed its efforts on the transportation industry.  | | | |After studying the dynamics of transportation in various sectors, the company realised the value an | |integrated, real-time fleet management system would have in building efficiency, ensuring security and | |growing business. | | | |Enter Nirdeshak | |Based on its research, CMC developed a system that provides a wide range of location-based services | |(LBS) – christened Nirdeshak. The system uses differential global positioning system (GPS) technology | |integrated with geographical information system (GIS) and wireless communication technologies to create | |end-to-end fleet management and navigation systems.  | | | |The system includes vehicle-mounted units (VMUs) that generate position data and a central monitoring | |station (CMS) from where the fleet is monitored and controlled in real-time. The vehicle-mounted units | |generate data relating to travel pattern, traffic potential, bottlenecks etc,...
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