Trip to Spain

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My Trips to Spain

My first trip to Spain was right after I turned a year old. I do not have many memories, but I know the things that my parents have told me about the trip. We also have many pictures and my mom and I have looked at them and discussed them many times. My grandmother and aunt were so excited to meet and get to know me. Because Spain is such a social country, we spent a lot of time in the bars and restaurants with my dad’s friends.

Christmas of 1998, I made my second trip to Spain. I remember that my grandmother gave me money everyday to walk down to the candy store. When my parents would meet their friends in the bars, some of the other kids would walk with me to buy the candy. I bought a lot of candy cigarettes because I thought they were cool. All of the children there were really nice and friendly. They all wanted to teach me Spanish and they liked for my mom and I to speak English with them. Several nights there, we went to a country house with our friends. The men cooked dinner, the women chatted, and the kids played soccer. We spent a lot of time with friends while we were there.

I also got to celebrate Christmas traditions of
Spain. One night, we went caroling with my aunt and her friends. We walked to many different houses and looked at the Nativity scenes that people had made. Many of the people had filled a whole room with the scene. At each house, the people also offered snacks and drinks. By the time we got to the last few houses, I was tried of hearing the same songs.

During that trip, we spent a lot of time inside the bars. My dad would go to meet his friends everyday and my mom and I would tag along. Some of my dad’s friends would give me money to play the slot machines. I usually won some money and then I would go spend it in the candy store. Most days we did the same thing again.

My last trip to Spain was Christmas of 2002. My grandmother was very sick and was in the bed most of the time. I...
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