Tourism and Hospitality Business - Feasibility Study - Spain

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Destination and Sector Report - Spain|
An insight into Spain as a tourism destination: Will it be one of the most sought after destinations in the near future? – An analysis and feasibility study| |
Raaghav Murugappan|
Due Date - 18/11/2012|

ID Number – 000001185
Course – Hospitality and Tourism Business
Course Code – BUSS101
Lecturer – Mr. Christopher Simon Dutt

Table of Contents
Executive Summaryii
1.History of Hospitality and Tourism Sectors in Spainiii
2.Travel and Tourism Sector – The 4 A’s of Tourismiv
2.1Accommodation in Spainv
2.2Attractions in Spainv
2.3Accessibility in Spainvi
2.4Amenities in Spainvii
3.The Restaurant Sector in Spainvii
4.Hotels in Spainviii
5.Clubs and MICE facilities in Spainix
6.Cruise and Gaming sectors in Spainx
7.Nature of Hospitality Management, HR practices and Hospitality and Marketing management companies in Spainxi
8.Franchising and Ethical Factors in Spainxii

Executive Summary

Spain’s excellent blend of culture, heritage and modern infrastructure and facilities makes it very attractive for tourists. Spain has a rich history associated with its tourism and hospitality industry and this has developed into a massive industry in recent times, contributing greatly to Spain’s GDP. There are a number of options in terms of accommodation, attractions, amenities and accessibility within the country and these cater to different types of tourists and different budgets. Many historical buildings and heritage sites have been refurbished and converted into ‘Paradors’ or hotels for tourists. This gives tourists a culturally rich experience during their stay. A number of festivals and events are also lined up every year and these reflect Spain’s rich heritage and traditions. There are ample restaurants and hotels in Spain to suit different budgets and these range from economical or budget establishments to upscale and luxury. Different cuisines are served in Spain, but a lot of importance is given to promote local cuisine. A number of international hotel chains are present in Spain as well such as the Radisson group. Spain is also growing rapidly as a MICE destination with excellent facilities, with cities like Barcelona and Madrid hosting many international events, trade shows, conferences and exhibitions. A number of exclusive country clubs and dedicated sports clubs have also been established in the country. A number of cruise lines operate out of Spain such as the Royal Caribbean and Costa cruises. The gaming industry is also big in the country with massive casinos in Spain and Barcelona and this industry accounts for great expansion figures. Online gaming portals are very popular in Spain. HR practices and hospitality management procedures are given a lot of importance in Spain. The creation of legal employment policies in recent times encourages employment of young people and excellent training programs. A number of Hospitality Management companies have also been contracted to manage and market a number of hotels and resorts in Spain. Franchising is not very popular in Spain, but is now gaining some importance. Most of the franchises in the country are associated with restaurants and food outlets. Spain follows strict business ethics principles in all establishments. Family life is given precedence over work. Almost all establishments operate with a transparent framework, thereby giving employees a good work environment and customers a good image of the organization. The following report describes each of the above mentioned points in detail and throws light on the different aspects of tourism within Spain.

1. History of Hospitality and Tourism Sectors in Spain

The hospitality and tourism sector in Spain started off with great extravagance in the mid – 1950’s with a great inflow of tourists, especially those from the northern part of Europe. This tourism...
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