Tricks of Bmx

Topics: Landing, Forward, Takeoff Pages: 2 (986 words) Published: May 2, 2013
The first and easiest trick of bmx is a bunny hop and if you are unable to do this trick you will have a hard time doing any other tricks in bmx(bmxtricksnow). First raise your front tire off the ground as if doing a manual and when your front tire levels off bring up your back tire resulting in a jump one you do this take it to curbs ledges and gaps(bmxtricksnow). The next trick is a manual this trick can take a long time to dial in but once you have it you have it, so to start this trick ride along at a slow speed and as you are riding pull up on your handlebars and lean back shifting your weight to the back of the bike so to hold this is simple but confusing, when the front end of your bike is dropping push your legs straight but when the front of the bike gets too high release your legs and keep doing that to accomplish the manual(utahbmx). The third trick is a 180 so you can learn this trick out of a fly out or a jump or even flat land, to start the trick bunny hop and instead of looking forward twist your shoulders and look at your back tire you will land backwards once you land you will need to fakie or roll out of the 180(bmxtricksnow). The next trick will require you to have to be able to 180 this trick is the 360 the most common trick among bmxers, to practice this use a jump you feel comfortable with and you know you can clear the best place to learn would be a table top jump this ensures if you case you will not be falling into a gap, so to start the trick you will want to approach the jump with fast speed once you reach the takeoff start to turn you head and shoulders so that you are looking at the back tire of your bike the harder you twist and look the faster the bike will rotate while in air try to remain flat and stable then when you spot the landing stop looking at your back tire and land the 360(bmxtricksnow). The next trick is a fakie rollout to to this find a sloped area such as a quarter pipe a driveway or a small hill, practice rolling...
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