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When we were asked to name a person to tribute , I had a feeling that many of you think about your parents, or a parent. I chose to talk about my mother, because she has made the biggest contribution in my life and who I am now she is not only my mother, but also a best friend, mentor, and spiritual teacher. With her advices she helps me improve myself and motivates me to become a better person. My mother is the most optimistic person I have ever known. She has a key to happiness, and she readily shares it with others. 1. Today I’m going to tell you a few reasons why my mom loves cares and is full of spirit, 2. She is also one of the strongest people I know not physically but mentally 3. And she is always there to lighten the mood when things are going tough

1. my mom is one of the most loving person I know one day we were at Wal-Mart not the safest place to be….gives a guy 20 dollars! (Story)
2. When my mom was younger 7 yrs. old her grandma was murdered in South America and my mom saw the whole thing, my mom told me that she never wants anyone to experience what she has. And with the amount of caring that my mom carries for her family it is unreal my mom calls her mom every single day at least 2 times a day (I barley talk to my mom on the phone)

3. Anything you ask my mom to do she is there in a heartbeat. She is willing to do things she has never done before
She always ask me if I die what would do I think she is joking for the most part -------------------------------------------------
-telling me how she want her funeral to be mom hasn’t had the best of the best life she has been through a lot, even though she loves her family and will do anything for them when they call upon her they have doubts about my mom’s marital life to my dad, I have seen my mom in tears because of what she heard and was told even after all that she still puts up with them. She is really strong - 2 .I swear my mom is a psychic...
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