Trial and Execution

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Trial and Execution
Last Trip Abroad
• July 31, 1896—Rizal’s four-year exile in Dapitan came to an end. • On board the steamer Espana, he left Dapitan amidst tears of Dapitan folks who bid him goodbye. • August 6—he arrived in Manila but missed the ship Isla de Luzon for Spain because it departed the previous day. Last Trip Abroad

• Writing to Blumentritt, Rizal mentioned this episode: “Unfortunately, I did not catch the mail ship for Spain, and fearing that my stay in Manila for a month might bring me troubles, I made known to the Governor General, while remaining on board the ship, of my wish to be isolated from everybody, except my family.” • Rizal was transferred to the Spanish cruiser Castilla as a guest detained on board “in order to avoid difficulties from friends and enemies.” Last Trip Abroad

• While waiting for the next steamer to take him to Spain, the revolution broke out on August 19, 1896 with the discovery of the Katipunan. • August 30, 1896—Gov. Gen. Ramon Blanco proclaimed a state of war. • Rizal learned of the eruption of the revolution and was worried for two reasons: (1) the revolution was premature and might cause terrible loss of human lives; (2) Spain might take revenge against all Filipino patriots. Last Trip Abroad

• September 3—Rizal left for Spain on board Isla de Panay to serve as volunteer physician-surgeon of the Spanish army in Cuba. • September 7—Rizal arrived in Singapore where he was advised by a Filipino residents to stay behind and take advantage of the protection of the British law but Rizal did not heed their advice because he had given his word of honor to Blanco. Last Trip Abroad

• Unaware of Spanish duplicity, Rizal trusted Blanco who was secretly conspiring for his destruction. He regarded Rizal as a “dangerous Filipino” who was responsible for the raging revolution. • Blanco and the Ministers of War and the Colonies were exchanging coded messages for his arrest in Barcelona. Last Trip Abroad

• September 28—a passenger told Rizal the bad news that he would be arrested by order of Blanco and he realized that he was duped by the Spanish officials. • In his letter to Blumentritt:
“I cannot believe it… I have offered to serve as a physician, risking life in the hazards of war and abandoning all my business. I am innocent and now in reward, they are sending me to prison!” Last Trip Abroad

• September 30—he was officially notified by the ship captain that he should stay in his cabin until further orders from Manila. • October 3—the ship arrived in Barcelona with Rizal a prisoner on board. His jailor was Military Commander Eulogio Despujol (the same one who ordered his banishment in Dapitan). • Despujol told Rizal that he would be shipped back to Manila on board the transport ship Colon. Last Homecoming and Trial

• October 8—Rizal weas informed that newspapers in Madrid were full of stories about the revolution in the Philippines and he was blamed for it. • For Rizal it was his chance to return in order to confront his slanders and to vindicate his name. Last Homecoming and Trial

• He wrote in his diary:
“I believe that what God is doing me is a blessing, allowing me to go back to the Philippines in order to destroy such an accusation. Because either they do me justice and recognize my innocence… or they sentence me to death, and thereby before the eyes of society, I atone for my supposed crime. Society will forgive me and later, without any doubt, justice will be done and I will be one more martyr… Let God’s will be done; I am ready to obey it. Either I will be condemned or absolved. I’m happy and ready.” Last Homecoming and Trial

• October 11—Rizal’s diary was taken away from him and scrutinized by the authorities. It was only returned on November 2. • Hence, there was no entry in his diary from October 12...
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