Trends in Nursing and Bioterrorism

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Trends in Nursing and Bioterrorism
Through the years the demand for nurses has increased tremendously. As the need for nurses increases exponentially the trends in nursing follow the lead. The world of nursing is steady evolving everyday and new trends are constantly being brought to the forefront. Another focus of this paper is Bioterrorism, being prepared during a hazard, and a nurse’s role during a disastrous situation.

Education is a very important part of today’s society. Even more important than education is continuing education. Nurses are constantly working toward continuing their education whether it is workshops, specialty training programs, or seeking career advancements through other higher education opportunities. A very popular trend right now is web-based nursing degrees. There was much controversy surrounding the issue of web-based nursing degrees. “When nursing degree programs first went online in the late 1990s, some concerns were voiced over whether Internet education was appropriate for a practice-oriented discipline like nursing and whether the same high standards of traditional classroom learning could be maintained (Medscape Nurses from WebMD).” However, the outcomes of such programs show much promise and an array of advantages. Web-based nursing degrees give those with a need for flexibility a way to accomplish their goal of becoming a nurse, receiving their masters, or even specializing in a particular field of study. Web-based nursing programs pose just as much a challenge as do in class programs and can also be offered in a combination of online coursework and classroom attendance. All in all, with trends such as web-based nursing degrees making its way to the forefront and being successful in its venture shows much promise and many opportunities for a future in nursing.

A disastrous situation that so many are familiar with is tornados. Tornados are so hazardous because of the high winds, risk of being hit by flying or falling...
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