Trees and the Progress or Oxygen

Topics: Wood, Earth, Atmosphere Pages: 2 (372 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Trees Give us Different Things

There is no end to the list of items, both tangible and non tangible, that trees give us. First of all, as we all know, trees are the most important and the only natural source of oxygen in the atmosphere. Without oxygen[->0], life is not possible on earth. Trees consume the carbon dioxide[->1] from the environment and give out oxygen which balances the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide[->2] in the atmosphere. In addition to this, the wood that we obtain from trees is used in making paper, building houses, making furniture[->3] etc. Some trees have medicinal value and help make medicine. Roots of the trees[->4] under the surface of earth are a natural water[->5] cleaning system. Trees are the reason all human life exists on earth.

They give us food.They give us oxygen.

Trees give us paper and if we dont save trees we wont have trees[->6] but also if you waste the paper then we wont have trees either so we need to save trees and also recycle.

Hello?Trees give us ingredients to medicines.
Trees give us paper,wood to fire, vegetable[->7]$fruits to eat.

Trees give us everything they are our life.
Trees give us loads of stuff that some things that I might not remember. Here is a list of stuff that those trees give us:

They give us oxygen and we all know that without oxygen we cannot survive,trees help in rain .rain gives us water for drinking.trees have so many things to gives us so we shold also not cut trees                                                             protect trees                                                 that is our moral duties

A tree gives us fruits[->8], vegetables, flowers, perfumes, sugar, wheat/rice, spices, gum, paper, oil, oxygen, furniture, tea/coffee, medicines, cotton/silk, fuel wood, rubber .

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[->1] -
[->2] -
[->3] -...
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