Ask a Question About Deforestation and Its Causes and Effects

Topics: Causality, Agriculture, Population Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: May 30, 2012
Ask a Question about Deforestation and its causes and effects

In today's world millions of people are drained in the culture of urbanization and pushed into cities, as a result towns are turning into cities, big cities turn into bigger cities and metro-cities are turning into mega-metro cities, to the extent that they have to be considered into a state and further subdivide it. Even the profusely increasing population proves to be a major cause for this.

But due to all of these things one thing which shouldn't have happened is happening knowingly or unknowingly. The growing cities and towns are reducing the forests and trees on a big scale.

There are several causes which leads to cutting down of forests. As mentioned earlier, increasing population needs more space, more houses and thus more wood and as a result trees are cut down.

Trees have multiple uses due to which their utility is spread in various fields from furniture to medicine to food products this also accounts for cutting down of forests.

In some countries agriculture is a major industry. So the country's progress depends on more and more land used for farming purposes. Again forests are reduced and as agriculture is a major industry there thus fertilizer and other such industries are also flourished which do need resources from trees and forests.

Even human's greed to obtain minerals from beneath the Earth has led to the destruction of trees. Mining minerals needs to cut down the trees and so the forests reduce. All these activities have hardly any check on themselves.

There needs to be better and deeper government intervention in the activities of deforestation. Laws and policies must be enforced so hard that a person should think twice before chopping down a log.

Deforestation leads to many problems. Most serious of them is rainfall. Forests bring rainfall and due to absence of forests rainfall will become scant and almost obsolete. This will make the region arid, dry...
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