Tree Plantation

Topics: Tree, Plant, Middle East Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: May 16, 2011
Man has been closely related with the nature since the down of civilization. Nature is helpful for all human beings. Nature abounds with trees. Trees are one of the best gifts of nature. As the civilization proceeds towards development, valuable nature assets are also getting damaged day by day. So it is the ease with trees. Now the ecological balance is distributed and the life becomes difficult. Our life and existence on earth greatly depends on trees. So we should plant trees through an existence expedition and maintain our ecological balance smooth. The first and foremost thing we get from trees is oxygen. We inhale oxygen from air, which are provided by trees. Trees maintain the climate and the weather of a country. They help causing rainfall and save our country from destruction. Trees save our land from erosion and make it fertile. We get our major food production from trees we get our clothing material from trees. We also get some building materials from trees. Rural houses are mainly made by trees indirectly. We get furniture from trees which are provided by trees. Besides we get many kinds of medicines from trees. In real sense trees give us many things that we can not even count. In a matter of great regret the destruction of trees is common in Bangladesh. Our people cut trees at random. We use plants in the time of need but we can not plant more, which is greatly needed for for existence. Trees are the raw material of many industries, so it is widely used. People use trees as fuel in their kitchen, brick fields. They also cut them to make new houses. It is a great threat to our healthy atmosphere and our environment. The ratio of cutting and planting trees is very much different. We cut more but plant less. We have to plant more and more to prevent ourselves from natural disasters. Tress can be planted almost all the year but rainy season is the appropriate time to plant trees. Each and everybody should be conscious about that utility of trees and...
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