Tree Plantation

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Tree Plantation

Tree plantation means planting trees and plants. The purpose of tree plantation is save the endangered environment and to beautify our life. Trees are valuable gifts of nature. They are known as the best friends of human beings. They benefit us in various ways. The lives of men and other animals and insects are inconceivable without the existence of trees in the world.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and give us oxygen without which no living being can live. Trees give us shade, medicine, food, fruits, furniture, fuel etc. Trees also keep the weather cool and cause rainfall. They also bind soil and thus prevent erosion.

The land of Bangladesh is suitable for the plantation of different kinds of trees. Trees can be planted in the vast areas of sea beaches. Both sides of the roads and railways offer great scope for planting trees. The villagers can make the best use of their unused land by planting trees. June and July are the proper time for planting trees in our country.

Trees are part and parcel of our life. So, it is our duty to plant more trees and takes care of them in order to maintain balance between man and nature. To make the country economically developed and to save the globe from green house effect, we should plant trees on a large scale.

Population Problem in Bangladesh

Naturally population of a country is an asset. It becomes a problem when the country cannot afford to give people the basic right of life. In our country population is very much a major problem because we have no ability to manage the large population.

The total land area of our country is about 1,47,570 square kilometers. About 1400 million people live in this small area. Now more than 1000 people live per square kilometer. Again every year some 22,00,000 people are added to our total population. Thus the country is very densely populated. If the growth of population continues in this alarming rate, it will make the problem for food, shelter, education and health services of our country.

There are many causes of rapid population growth. Early marriage and illiteracy are the important causes of population growth. Improvement of medical facilities in the country, decrease the death rate and increase the birth rate as well as increase population. The people of the country know very little about neither family planning nor do the care for planned families. Moreover, most of the people (85%) are illiterate and thus do not know the consequence of over population of a country.

At first the high birth rate can be effectively checked through family planning. Effective family planning is the reliable means of controlling the population. Secondly, top priority should be given to educate the mass. This will enable them to understand the value of family planning along with the dangers of having big families. Finally, early marriage must be stopped by law and its proper application must be implemented among the people.

Population problem is really a great malady for Bangladesh. To make Bangladesh a congenial livable place, the people along with the government must come forward to check population explosion. Everybody must know that it is a compulsory direction to be aware of population control and management. It is a matter of hope that government absolutely has taken some steps to make our population an asset within a short period.

Game of Cricket


The game of cricket is very interesting like football. Its origin is traced back to 13th century. It is pleasant outdoor game. It is the national game of English people and its popularity has spread to other parts of the world. Now it is a game of international status and now match-games of cricket are being played in international tournaments.


Cricket is played between two teams. One is the...
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