Treadway Case

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The Treadway Tire Company Brief Case Analysis
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The Treadway Tire Company: Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Tire Plant is a brief case written by co-authors Skinner and Beckham. The case generally pertains to issues dealing with morale problems and high position turnover among those that hold the position of foreman. In this case, Ashley Wall is the Director of Human Resources charged with finding solutions to the issues within the Lima Tire Plant. Since Ashley Wall works for the Lima Tire Plant, she will have to face some political issues in regards to managing the action research project as an insider. A written replication of the key issues, contextual lens, and power relationships will offer more understanding of Ashley Wall’s charge to uncover solutions to the issues that the Lima Tire Company was facing. Key Issues

There are several issues within the Treadway Lima Tire plant. The first issue deals with the morale of the employees especially those that serve as foremen. Morale is low due to the way the foremen are treated by their superiors and the lack of respect that they receive from their unionized workers. “An employee satisfaction survey conducted in August 2007 and exit interviews of departing foremen revealed solid discontent in the plant and highlighted concerns about the line-foremen position” (Skinner and Beckham, 2008, pg. 4). The foremen in the company are few in number with approximately twenty hourly unionized employees that they have to manage, as well as other duties as prescribed. Both foreman and the hourly employees are treated disrespectfully due to the constraints of the perspective positions. The foremen have a great deal of responsibilities that must be completed at the...
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