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  • Published : September 22, 2011
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Amanda Galardi
ENG 102

Quiz (MLA Documentation) – 60 points

A. Answer the following questions using the above MLA Documentation websites (2 points each):

1.How do you arrange the entries on the Works Cited page? (Spacing, numbering, indentation) Alphabetically, do not number, double spaced, and must have a hanging indent.

2.What is the MLA rule for a book with two or more authors? Do you list just one or all of them? Do you or do you not reverse the authors’ names? You list all authors up to three (last, first, first, last)

3.What months are exceptions to the three-letter abbreviation? May, June, and July

4.What is the MLA rule for citing dates in a Works Cited entry? Use n.d. when the webpage does not provide a publication date

5.What is the MLA rule for citing titles and degrees? Do not cite titles and degrees

6.What is the rule for citing volume numbers for magazine articles? Do not cite for magazines

7.How do you cite an indirect (or secondary) source in a parenthetical citation? Use qtd. in with last name and page number

8.What is the MLA rule for altering author’s names? Can you replace full spellings with initials or drop middle initials? Never alter an author’s name by replacing full spelling with initials or dropping middle initials

9.How would you cite a source in both an in-text and a Works Cited entry for a work with no author? For in text use a shortened version of the title and for work cited entry alphabetize

10.What is the MLA rule for citing a work with three or more authors? Provide the first authors last name followed by et al. or list all the last names

B. Documentation. Create a Works Cited page for the following sources (40 points):

1. A book titled Into the Flames by Gut Opdyke, published by San Bernardino,...
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