Training Needs Analysis of Banking Sector

Topics: Proposal, The Final, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: April 29, 2013
1 STEPS TO UNDERTAKE THE FINAL SEMESTER MBA PROJECT. 1. Identify a qualified guide from the list of approved guides published in the CDE website and select a guide relevant to your specialisation. 2. An email would be sent to the guide informing him/her about your choice. 3. Contact the guide and discuss the topic with the guide. (Refer to guidelines in the website) 4. The guide must register his / her acceptance online to guide you. 5. After getting approval from the guide, please submit your project proposal online. 6. The guide must view your proposal and validate the same online. Please contact the guide to confirm whether the guide has validated your project proposal online. 7. Submit TWO copies (in print) of Annexure I and Annexure II to the study center. 8. After you complete the above steps, your project proposal would be reviewed by the Central Steering Committee (CSC) in the CDE and the status will be published in the CDE website. The status of your project may be any one of the codes as below. Status Meaning to the student Code 1 The project proposal is approved. The student can proceed with the project in consultation with the guide. 2 The project topic is approved however the problem has to be redefined clearly by the student. 3 The project topic is approved however the problem has to be redefined and permission letter for the company is required. 4 The project topic and proposal are not approved. The student has to redefine and submit a new proposal after consulting the guide. 5 The guide has not validated the proposal online. The proposal will be reviewed by the CSC only after the online validation by the guide. 9. After your project status is updated to”1” you may proceed with your project in periodic consultation with your guide. 10. Prepare and submit the first review report in the required format (Please see I review format). Attend the first review at the study center (Please contact the study center regarding the review dates). The evaluation...
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