Training Effectiveness Analysis

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The process of training evaluation has been defined as “any attempt to obtain information on the effects of training performance and to assess the value of training in the light of that information.” Evaluation leads to controlling and correcting the training programme.

Measuring Training Effectiveness:
The training costs are significant for any business. The employers mostly incur these costs because they expect and anticipate their business to benefit from the development and progress of the employees. Although the senior management executives value training because they believe it strengthens the organization and serves as a retention tool, not many are clear on how to measure the effectiveness or return on the investment for the training imparted. To perceive as to what extent the business has benefited, evaluation of the training is necessary. Training evaluation helps to: - track the progress and development of employees and their skills - identify training gaps and understand future training needs. - verify if the training inputs are being applied at the workplace and - to see whether the investment made was worthwhile

However, training evaluation is not just to trace whether the performance has been improved or new skills have been learnt appropriately. Meaningful and precise information can be gathered only when the effectiveness of the training is measured which explores the facets of improvement and the precise profit gained. Specific objectives need to be set before the training. Say, the organization may want to increase the productivity and efficiency of a particular process or function, increase workforce motivation and to ensure repeat business by way of regular customers. Then you need to decide the method of measuring the objectives. Quantifiable objectives are easy to measure such as number of units produced or number of repeat customers gained. Objectives related to behavior and quality is much...
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