Training and Practicum Program

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We would like to thank God Almighty for giving us strength and patience in making this thesis. Without Him, making this done is impossible. We are grateful to our adviser Prof. Ma. Teresa Balasa, for her guidance, suggestions and support. We are also giving gratitude to Mr. Alexander Fellizar for his continuous monitoring of the task that has been given to us and making him available for every query we had in our minds about the assigned tasks. To their classmates and friends, for their worthy support and consideration in providing us information we need. To all who are not mentioned but in one way or another helped in completion of this study, thank you very much.

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To our dearest parents, who love and support us in every aspect of our lives

Table of Contents
Title Page x
Table of Contentxiv
List of Tablexv
List of Figurexvi
CHAPTER I: The Problem and Its Background 1
A. Introduction
B. Background of the Study
C. Conceptual Framework
D. Theoretical Framework
E. Significance of the Study
F. Scope and Limitation
G. Statement of the Problem
H. Objective of the Study
CHAPTER II: Review of Related Literature and Study 9
A. Foreign Literature
B. Local Literature
C. Foreign Studies
D. Local Studies
CHAPTER III: Research Methodology16
A. Research Design
B. Process of Data
C. Population and Sample of the Study
D. Treatment of Data
E. Statistical Treatment of Data
CHAPTER IV: Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data20 CHAPTER V: Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendation25 BIBLIOIGRAPHY28
List of Tables

Table 1. Likert Scale used for Part I and III
Table 2. Likert Scale used for Part II
Table 3. Student’s Job Attitude on their On-the-Job Training Table 4. Student’s Professional Preparation on their On-the-Job Training Table 5. Student’s Job Performance on their On-the-Job Training

Table 6. Trainers Supervising Traits
Table 7. Factors to Improve the Practicum Program

List of Figures

FIGURE 1. A conceptual paradigm showing the relationship of students’ On-the-Job Training performance in student-related factors and in trainer-related factors.

The Problem and Its Background

Education has been considered as a ways toward economic strength and advancement. Increase in the education training of the people would result to increase of productivity of the workforce for human resources are one of the vital assets of the nation in achieving success and development. And to have a good and competent man power resources, quality education and intensive training is necessary for the students to become capable and productive workers when they become part of the labor force in the future. It is said that education is primarily concerned with bringing opportunity to the students to know and to choose his interests and mode living, and his career. In contrast of, training is primarily concerned with the preparing the participants from certain lines of action, applying what he learned from school days and giving hint to professionalism which are delineated by technology and by the organization in which he works. Education is not only limited to the degree an individual can attained however it must be accompanied by character, attitude, behavior and values that would significantly affected or influence his performance and productivity. The most effective method to develop the competence and skills of students is through hand – on training – the on-the-job training. This method exposes the students to become familiar and made known with the actual operation of the business and the state-of-the-art of the facilities, equipment and technology used. Many...
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