Training and Development Program

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Please find the training and development program for the issue of high AHT (Average Handling Time) iOS Tier 2 UK/IRE department in AppleCare, Apple Inc. This training is designed for Luisa Costello’s team of 15 Advisors who are employed 16 months+, age range 35-42.

Training Needs Analysis:

The average AHT is 14.19 minutes instead of the target 11 minutes. I have taken this figure from an internal tool called “Matrix” (appendix 1); this shows the teams averages for stats such as AHT, sales and calls answered. It also breaks down each Advisor individual stats, generating reports for the pervious 24 months.

Root Cause:

I listen to 3 calls per Advisor over a 5-day period in order to find the root cause of high AHT. I use a standard evaluation sheet (appendix 2) to mark the call; the results are as follows:

1. The Advisors talk about their personal and non-work related issues with the customer on average 2-3 minutes per call per Advisor

2. The Advisors seemed unsure of how to use internal tools such as “payment” and “repair”. As a result, the Advisor puts the customer on hold to ask another Advisor for advice.

3. Advisors are unsure of how to uninstall and reinstall iTunes on a PC, specifically Windows XP. As a result, they put the customer on hold to ask questions or find the “How-To” article.

The Training and Development Program:

Here are the solutions, advantages and disadvantages of each training method, evaluations, training schedules, learning objectives and the costs involved for the proposed issues above:

1. The Advisors talk about their personal and non-work related issues with the customer on average 2-3 minutes per call per Advisor

Solutions and Learning Objectives:

I will remedy this issue with the use of on-the-job, E-Learning SOP, “Polices for Correct Call Conduct”, found on our internal training website. It will discuss appropriate tone, language, chat and words to avoid with a customer. As this online module is given to new Advisors Training starting in this department, they will require only a refresher. Each Advisor has an allocated ELearning hour slot that has been inbuilt into their schedule.

“At the end of this SOP, you, the learner, will understand the policies around call handling”.


To evaluate, there is an inbuilt MCQ exam of 6 questions at the end of the module - the Advisor must get above 95% to pass. I will also listen to another 3 calls per Advisor over a 5-day period using the same evaluation form, to ensure the policies are adhered to. Upon completed of exams, once the Advisors have returned to their desks, they will receive an automated email from the Training department asking each person to evaluate the instructor, the training received and asking for any feedback they may have (appendix 5).

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The advantages to this training method include Advisors will be sitting at their own desks in the office so no need to book a dedicated room – ELearning can be accessed anywhere from any internal computer. This reduces costs of electricity, and instructor costs, as well as freeing up the room for other needs. As this module is standard for all employees who customer face over the phone, it can be accessed globally throughout Apple sites, thus reducing costs for Apple as new training will not have to be developed, only modified if changed were to occur. It allows the ease of tracking as the manager can track the modules and identify any other training needs based on the responses and grades of the Individuals and teams. The disadvantages to ELearning, in this situation, are the Advisors can learn the answer required to pass the end evaluation that means they will not fully understand the topic and what is required of them. As the team is tenured and older than the average age demographic, they may be hostile towards ELearning, as they are not used to this type of training method. If the Advisor is on a call at the...
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