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APRIL 2011 VOL 2, N O 12

Extent of training in Banks and its Impact on employees motivation and involvement in job Muhammad Farhan Akhtar, Khizer Ali, Miss Shama Sadaqat, Shoaib Hafeez M.Com, Hailey College of Commerce, University of The Punjab, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, Lhr., Pakistan. Abstract Banking sector of Pakistan is characterized by the high competition and in order to survive in the market place, employers have understood the need for ongoing training and development to equip their employee to better cope up with the demands of the dynamic environment today. This study seek to determine the impact of this training and development on motivation and job involvement along with what training methods are widely used in the banking sector of Pakistan. The primary data for this study was collected through a structured questionnaire that was tailored with the help of literature. The questionnaire comprised of 37 items, categorized into 5 sections, which are general perspective, motivation, job involvement, training & development and demographics. Survey was carried outon public and private banks of Pakistan (Punjab region). With the support of SPSS,Co-relation and regression analysis was conducted to generate results. We found that training and development has a positive association with both motivation and job involvement of the employees of banks in Pakistan. Moreover, job instructional training and informal learning are widely used techniques to impart the knowledge towards the employees in banking sector. These findings suggest that by boosting the training and development activities within the banking sector the employees could be motivated and get attached with their work. Keywords: Motivation, Training, Job Involvement, Banks

1.0 Introduction With the extensive competition , greater demand for providing better product and services, continuously changing in technology and business environment in commercial banking sector demanding more than ever in the past the emphasis on trained employees in order to meet the requirements of the customer and the business survival, banking industry now calling for up to date/latest and broader banking knowledge, skills, abilities for maintaining their existence and growth, which demand for the proper and effective training to the employees. There are so many situations where service can fall between the cracks. Is the representative at the information desk trained to find a replacement while she is away for a few minutes? No? There goes another customer who doesn't want to wait. (I know. I ve been there). Is the guard at the door trained to direct customers to the right people or does he curtly wave them over to wait at the end of the line at the Information Desk when he could have sent them to the platform person who opens accounts? Do you really think that the employees are well versed with the etiquettes, cultural norms, customer psychology? If you answered no to any of these questions about training, then money is walking out the door and you are certainly losing customers which are fuel of your business. Without the fuel you cannot run the train of your business. Due to the cutthroat competition, increased inclination of consumers towards quality oriented products and services, more customer orientation, rapid technological advancements resulting in

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APRIL 2011 VOL 2, N O 12

methodical alterations and an ever changing business environment signifies, more than ever, the need of training the employees in the banking industry of Pakistan. This research paper serves the purpose of acknowledging the need and importance of training to the bank employees in Pakistan. And whether the training really impacts the employees' performance and...
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