Traffic Jam in Our City

Topics: Road, Traffic, Pedestrian Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: April 24, 2011
As our country becomes more developed, the number of vehicles on the streets is (are) “the number of…-> using is, ”increased rapidly. All of them are the main means of transportation, (no "," because using "and") and they create many problems to city people (it is the cause of many problems for people who live in the city)”To emphasis vehicles and going on the previous idea, so we can’t use it is the cause……” as well as traffic authorities, especially motorbike. So what the (not "the") are the reasons that cause (of the) traffic problems in our city?”mistake: so what they are, ”

- Nearly, all the streets and roads (we use "streets" so don't need "roads")(I think that, streets and roads not ejactly the same meaning: A road is an identifiable route, way or path between places.[1] Roads are typically smoothed, paved, or otherwise prepared to allow easy travel

A street can be as simple as a level patch of dirt, but is more often paved with a hard, durable surface such as concrete, cobblestone or brick. ) are narrow, dirty, in bad conditions and continually (to) dug to install water pipes or mains (having many roadworks). - The traffic (light) system”traffic system consist of : traffic light, traffic-circle,…. ” does not work well. There are not enough traffic police (force) or they are (not too) strict enough”not street enough” to fine traffic-law breakers. Sometimes ("sometime" doesn't have "s")”sometimes: thinh thoang, doi khi; Sometime:mot luc nao do” they receive bribery (bribe) “bribery is also a noun” - Many people do not strictly observe the traffic laws when using the roads (their vehicles). Many street vendors illegally occupy the pavement to display their goods for sale. Some people drop rubbish or (it's same with "throw waste")”Drop rubbish : thải rác một cách không cố ý; Throws waste: cố tình xả rác” throw waste indiscriminately in the middlle of the streets, which adds to the risk of accidents. - Many pedestrians cross streets wherever they like...
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