Traditional Irish Weddings and the Dubliners

Topics: Wedding, Marriage, Four-leaf clover Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: May 12, 2013
In my research of traditional Irish weddings, I discovered many interesting ideas that Mrs. Mooney might have used in planning Polly's wedding. Because Mrs. Mooney is a divorced, single mother, providing for her two children, her income is limited. Her only source of income is the money she gets from the boarding house she opened in her own home. It is explained in the novel that Polly once worked at an office but Mrs. Mooney made her stay home to entertain the guests of the boarding house; the clerks, tourists, and occasional musicians. With this information we can conclude that the money that she is able to spend on this wedding is limited. With this knowledge some of the ideas that would be considered reasonable for this wedding budged include the following:

Prior to the wedding the groom is to be invited to the brides house and there is to be a goose prepared to eat in honor of the groom. This particular event is called "aitin' the gander."
On the day of the wedding and the celebration reception there are a few traditional items that should be included in this special day. One item is the Bunratty Meade. The Bunratty Meade is the oldest Irish drink. This drink is said to promote virility. If a baby is conceived within nine months of marriage, it is thought to be caused from this wine.

Another is the horseshoe. This can be dame from various materials but most commonly the bride will wear a fabric horseshoe on her wrist, right side up, for good luck. Another item that is thought to bring good luck is the magic hanky. The bride carries this wherever she goes this on the day of her wedding.

The Irish people are firm believers in the supernatural such as fairies and evil spirits. This being true, make-up bells ae often a part of the couples' wedding and marriage. Make-up bells are used to keep evil spirits away, restore harmony if couples are fighting, and to remind couples of their wedding vows. During the wedding celebration these make-up bells can be...
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