Symbols in a Christian Wedding

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Symbols in a Christian wedding
The Rings
The rings symbolize God’s unending love, as the shape of a ring has no beginning and no end. These symbols stand as the model of love for the husband and the wife who have both pledged their commitment to each other; and as they wear the rings, they are reminded of each other’s love. The circle of a ring represents undying love and the continually renewed vows of the married couple.

The Veil
The veil is placed on the groom’s shoulders and on the bride’s head. This symbolizes the roles given in Ephesians 6 - to the husband - to love his wife as Christ loved and gave His life for the Church; to the wife - to submit to the husband’s leadership as Christ is recognized as the head of the Church. Responsibility for leadership resting on the man’s shoulders and the symbol of submission of the woman is shown perfectly through this symbol.

Wedding Bells
It is traditional to have the church bells rung as the bride and groom emerge from the church after the ceremony. The sound of the bells is supposed to drive away evil spirits and thereby ensuring the couples good fortune. Wedding Bells have become a special symbol for the celebration of love and commitment that weddings bring. The jubilant sound can be heard all around the church and add the feeling of celebration to the conclusion of the ceremony.

A Lucky Sweep
On one occasion King George II's carriage horses bolted the only person to attempt to stop them was a small sooty figure of a man, a chimney sweep. It is considered extremely good luck, if on the journey to the Church you see a chimney sweep and even greater good luck if you saw the sweeps brush emerging out of the top of the chimney. So to this day to see a chimney sweep and receive the Kiss of Luck after the wedding ceremony is supposed to bring good fortune to the newly married couple.

Shoes were once considered to be symbols of authority and possession. The Brides Father would hand over...
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