Trading Machanism & Future Pospect of Brokerage House in Bangladesh

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Letter of Submission


The Dean
Department of Business Administration
University Of science & Technology Chittagong

Subject: Submission of Project Report

Dear Sir

I am very pleased to submit my project report entitle “ Trading Operations & Mechanism of Super Shares and Securities” A study based on Super Shares and Securities Limited, Elite House, C.D.A Avenue, Nasiraabad, Chittagong.

This report is containing detail information about the activities of the branch. From my three Months of project program I have gather a particular knowledge on Marketing & Customer Service, Account Opening & Compliance, Electronic Trading System and Maintenance of Branch Account’s. I tried my best to provide the update and more realistic Information in my report though I believe still there is more room for further improvement.

I will be glade to you if you accept my report.

Yours Truly

Md. Shahedul Islam.

Roll No: 720

University Of Science & Technology Chittagong.


Would like to express my gratitude to almighty Allah, whose invisible Guidance helps me to complete my report.

Although time was limited for getting the sufficient knowledge about all the Capital Market but the experience I gathered as an internee in the Super Shares and Securities Limited will remain as assets for the time to come in my life.

At first, I am expressing gratefulness from the core of my heart to the project supervisor - Mrs. Akhter Jahan, who supervises me throughout the project period & give me some valuable time to prepare my project report.

Would like to thank my gratefulness to Mr. Sabbir Ahmed (Head of Accounts & Compliance). Deeply grateful indebted to Mr. Basu Deb Chowdhury (Manager Accounts) Mr. Rajib Kumar Mallic (Manager IT & Settlement). Also highly grateful to Mr Aslam Haider (CEO) with others officers of Super Shares & Securities Limited.

Executive summary

Supper Shares and Securities Limited was incorporated in 2005 as a private company, limited by shares under the company act 1994. It obtains permission from Security Exchange Commission. The Securities operating its activities through 02 branches in the country. The commercial activities of the Securities encompass a wide range of services including Open the Beneficial Owners (BO), Company Share Buy and sell, Provide the new Investor to Invest in Capital Market and performing other relative services.

Preface in the name of almighty Allah, I am a student of MBA (Evening) major in finance, University Of Science & Technology Chittagong, have gone to complete project as a part of our MBA(Evening) program. After completing the project we are suppose to submit my project report to our respective teacher. According to above way I prepare a report on “Overall trading operation & mechanism of Super Shares & Securities Limited” for the period of three months. This report covers the detail background of Super Shares & Securities Limited and Capital Market practice about the performance of Market Operation. This report consist the observations and the job experience during the project period in the Overall trading operation & mechanism of Super Shares & Securities Ltd, Elite House, C.D.A Avenue, Nasirabad, Chittagong.

The objectives of the study are to know the Market Operation & Trading System of Chittagong Stock Exchange by the Super Shares & Securities Limited.

Methodology, project report is not so easy tasking. It is the comprehensive study between the theoretical knowledge and the practical knowledge. In order to make the report more meaningful and realistic two sources of information have been used widely.

Primary source of data: - face to face conversation via questionnaire with the respective of the branch. Personal observation, to practical experience, Physical Visit to Chittagong Stock Exchange & relevant file study as provided by the...
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