Toyota Financial Analysis

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BY: Kavita, Danish, Rick

*Comprises of 3

*Heart of customer *Heart of product *technological
advancement and opportunities that lies ahead

*1933: Automobile Department is established at Toyoda
Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. *1934: Created its first product, the Type A engine *1936: Built first passenger car, the Toyota AA. *1937: Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. is established. *1950: Company faces a financial crisis; Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. is established. *1982: Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. are merged into Toyota Motor Corporation. *1988: Toyota Motor Manufacturing, USA, Inc. (present TMMK) begins production. *2004: The Toyota Partner Robot is publicly unveiled.

*Mission Statement
"To attract and attain customers with highvalued products and services and the most satisfying ownership experience in America.”


*Vision Statement *Founder:

"To be the most successful and respected car company in America.“

* Kiichiro Toyoda in August 28,1937 * Toyota headquarters is in Toyota City,


*Key people:

* Fjio Cho (Chairman) * Akio Toyoda (President) and CEO

*80% of Toyotas sold in the last 20 years are still on the
road today. *Toyota has won more Total Quality Awards than any other automaker. *Many Toyota vehicles are actually manufactured in America. *Toyota has the highest owner loyalty of any automaker in the world. *Toyota earned the top spot in Interbrand’s 2011 ranking of the “Best Global Green Brands. *Toyota ranked first on the list of the top 50 brands, based on consumer and expert evaluations in 2011.

*Area Served: Worldwide *Employees: 324,747 (as of 2012) *51 manufacturing companies in 26 countries *First Toyota retail dealership was opened in 1957 in

Hollywood, CA and it was called Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

*Today, Toyota has 7 factories in the U.S.,15 in Japan, *9 Toyota Models Build in the U.S. *200,000: U.S. Jobs Created

and factories in 13 other countries around the world.

* Toyota is Publicly traded on the exchanges under company code * TYO

* NYSE:TM * LSE:TYT * Toyota is the 9th Largest company in the world by revenue. * 1.7 Million+: Vehicles Sold Last Year * 1 Million+: Hybrids Sold in the U.S. * $24.9Billion: U.S. Purchasing Last Year * $1 Million: Hourly Spending on R&D * $18 Billion: Direct U.S. Investment


* Auto motive business accounted for 90% of


* Finance Toyota Financial services

Corporation provides financing to Toyota customers.


* Toyota has been developing multitask robots
destined for elderly care, manufacturing, and entertainment.

*Other 10% housing, telecommunication,
Biotechnology and Robotics.


Revenue : 18.583 trillion Yen(2012)


Calculated in thousand

Period Ending Assets Current Assets Cash And Cash Equivalents Short Term Investments Net Receivables Inventory Other Current Assets Total Current Assets Long Term Investments Property Plant and Equipment Goodwill Intangible Assets Accumulated Amortization Other Assets Deferred Long Term Asset Charges Total Assets 30-Mar-12 30-Mar-11 30-Mar-10 20,405,000 15,327,000 88,000,000 19,713,000 6,275,000 149,720,000 141,364,000 75,769,000 5,600,000 372,452,000 359,775,000 7,985,000 324,800,000 100% 25,105,000 17,246,000 78,403,000 15,737,000 6,243,000 142,734,000 132,933,000 76,124,000 7,823,000 2% 19,967,000 23,394,000 75,859,000 15,222,000 5,472,000 139,914,000 105,241,000 71,820,000 5% 4% 24% 5% 2% 40% 38% 20%



* This is the comparison between TM and FORD on the
balance sheet

Period Ending Assets Current Assets Cash And Cash Equivalents Short Term Investments



20,405,000 15,327,000

5% 4%

17,148,000 18,618,000

10% 10%

Net Receivables
Inventory Other Current Assets Total Current Assets Long Term...
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