Toy Story 3

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Toy Story 3

Speech 1318: Interpersonal Communication

Toy Story 3, I chose to do Toy Story 3 because lot of us when we were kids, we used to have a favorite toy that everywhere we go it always came with us. No matter if the toy looks old, broken, ugly, or nasty as longest made us happy to have it with us all the time. Sometimes remind me too, how I used to carry my cabbage patch everywhere with me even when my mom always told me to leave it at home, but I never listened to her. Well in this movie there’s a 17 years old boy name Andy, he is packing for college, and his toys who have not been played with in several years feel like they have been abandoned. Toy Story 3 can be compare it with Affection need (pg. 79), Turning point (pg.78), Friends (pg. 61) (from Chapter 3), Supportive Interaction (Chapter 9 pg. 244) and Commitment (Chapter 13 pg.364)

Toy Story 3, the stars are Woody; is a cowboy pull-string doll, and Andy’s favorite toy, Voice by Tom Hanks. Buzz Lightyear; is a space ranger, and wears a space suit with various features such as retractable wings and transparent helmet, a laser, and various sound effects. Voice made by Tim Allen. Jessie: a cowgirl, and part of the Woody’s Round Up gang. She first appeared in Toy Story 2 along with Bulleye and Stinky Pete. Voice made by Joan Cusack and Mary Kay Bergman (yodeling). Rex: an excitable large, green, plastic TyrannosaurusRex who suffers from anxiety, an inferiority complex. Voice made by Wallace Shawn. Hamm; is a wise-cracking realist piggy bank with a cork in his belly in place of a stopper. Voice made by John Ratzenberger and Andrew Stanton. Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear: is a plush, pink teddy bear with a big plum nose, a sweet strawberry scent and a southern accent. Who uses a wooden toy mallet as a cane. Voice made by Ned Beatty. Other characters from Sunny side are; Ken, Big Baby, Twitch, Stretch, Chunk, Sparks. This movie came out on June 18, 2010. Toy Story 3 was rating G. “Toy Story 3” begins with a rattling, exuberant set piece that has nothing to do with the tale that follows but that nonetheless sums up the ingenuity, and some of the paradoxes, that have made Pixar franchise so marvelous and so successful. As Andy prepares for colleges, Woody surveys the depleted ranks of his pals, nothing that some have passed on (rest in peace, Wheezy) and reassuring the others that everything will be fine. The action is taking places in Andy’s head as he plays with his toys. All those crazy effects are the products of his restless and inexhaustible imagination, which is no less his for having been formed and fed by movies, television shows and the cheap merchandise spun out of them. And how many real kids who have grown up with Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody have unspooled their own improvise movies on the rec room floor? And perhaps only Pixar, a company Utopian in its faith in technology progress, artisanal in its devotion to quality and nearly unbeatable in its marketing savvy, could have engineered a sweeping capitalist narrative of such grandeur and charm as the “Toy Story”. “Toy Story 3” is as sweet, as touching, as humane a movie as you are likely to see this summer, and yet it is all about doodads stamped and molded out plastic and polyester.

In the scene from 06 minutes and 57 seconds to 11 minutes and 39 seconds, the toys plan to get Andy’s attention by getting his cell phone, putting inside the toy chest and made the call from it. When Andy found his cell phone and answered it, Woody was in the other line listened to him just saying “ Hello, hello, anybody there…” but Woody was just quiet with the feeling to say “ We love you Andy”, Andy hang up and blame Molly ( his little sister) for putting his cell phone it. Woody and Buzz just stood there watching how Andy walks away; in the other hand Rex was happy because Andy held him. Their plan was to get Andy’s Affection tors them back, besides...
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