Tourism Pattern in Chamonix

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Chamonix has attracted tourists for 250 years. It has a resident population of 10,000 people and this increases up to 100,000 people in summer and 60,000 in winter.

Reasons for alpine development

 An income from traditional Alpine activities such as mountain agriculture and forestry began to fall, however tourism was revived and expanded the economy of the region. Winter skiing became popular and is an activity of high economic value. This generates winter employment and the use of local services is increased as skiing holidays are popular. Over 80% of jobs in the area are tourist-dependant, and facilities built for winter sports can be re-used in summer months for mountain views and walks.

Summer and Winter Sports

Summer can be even more popular than winter in Chamonix, with activities such as: White water rafting, Paragliding, Mountaineering, Glacier walks, Hydro speeding, Golf, Paintballing, Archery, Forest adventure parks, Panoramic helicopter tours, Rock climbing (cragging), Indoor climbing, Horse riding,

Hot air ballooning,
Fishing, Tennis
and Squash.  
Winter activities include: Winter walking trails, skiing, ice climbing, husky sledding, paragliding, glacier walking, and ice skating, tobogganing and snowboarding.

How conflict may arise between different groups of tourists

Conflict can arise between different groups of people. Mass tourism activities can create unwelcome noise and damage to the environment, resulting in a detract from the enjoyment of those tourists seeking a more peaceful holiday such as walking or bird watching.

How conflict may arise between the tourists and the locals

The region is changing, and becoming more tourist orientated, traditional ways of life are under pressure as tourism brings many outsiders from different countries which hastens the decline of farming, which cannot compete economically with tourism. 

Disadvantages of tourism on the environment

The main town can become noisy and...
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