Summary of the Principal Social Effects of Tourism

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Social Effects of Tourism
Sociology is the science of society, social institutions, and social relationships. Visitors to a community or area create social relationships. The ultimate effect of travel, experiences on the tourists as well as on the host community should determine to what extent societies encourage or discourage tourism. 1. Effects on the individual

2. Effects on the family
3. Effects on society:
a. Tourism : Security and Crime
b. Resentments
c. Changing population and travel interests
Life Characteristics and Travel
1. Travel patterns related to age
2. Senior citizen market
3. Income
4. Education
5. Travel and the handicapped
Emergence of Group Travel Patterns
1. Travel club
2. Low-Price group travel
3. Public carrier group-rates and arrangements
4. Incentive tours
5. Special- interest tours
Summary of the principal social effects of tourism
1.The vacation and special business trips a person takes are often among life’s most vivid memories. 2.For families ,vacation trips takes together are among the highlights of the year’s activites. 3.The presence of visitors in a particular area can affect the living patterns of local people. 4.On a national basis, people of a particular country can have their lives changed by tourism, particularly if there are large numbers of tourists in proportion to the indigenous population. Visitors may influence ways of dressing, consumption patterns, desire for products used by tourists, sexual freedoms, nd a broadening outlook on the world. 5.For both hosts nd guests, the most satisfying relationships are formed when they can meet nd interact socially at a gathering such as a reception, a tea or a cultural event. 6.Tourism’s effects on crime are negligible but tourists can become easy victims of crime. Hosts must help them avoid dangerous places and areas. 7.Extensive tourism development can bring...
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