Touchless Touch Screen User Interface

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y Introduction y Touch less monitor y Touch sensor y Working y Touch less wall y Touch wall y What s next?

 A touch screen is a display

that can detect the presence and location as touch within the display area.  Touch screen can also sense other passive objects such as stylus.

y The touch less touch screen sounds like

it would be nice and easy, however after closer examination it looks like it could be quite a workout.

y This unique screen is made by TouchKo ,

White Electronic Designs , and Groupe 3D.

y The screen resembles the Nintendo Wii

without the Wii Controller.


TOUCH SENSORtouch screen sensor is a yA

clear glass panel with a touch responsive area. y The touch sensor is placed over a display screen so that the responsive area of the panel covers the viewable area of the screen.

y The system is capable of detecting movements in 3d without ever having to put your fingers on the screen. y You just point at the screen (from as far as 5 feet away), and you can manipulate objects in 3D y Sensors are mounted around the screen that is being used, by interacting in the line-of-sight of these sensors the motion is detected and interpreted into on-screen movements. y Elliptic Labs says their technology will be easily small enough to be implemented into cell phones and the like ipod.

Touch-less UI:
y The basic idea is sensors arrayed

around the perimeter of the device capable of sensing finger movements in 3-D space. y The

user could use her fingers similarly to a touch phone, but actually without having to touch the screen

Touch-less demo:
y The Touch less Demo is an open source application y The demo was created using the Touch less SDK and Windows Forms with C#. y There are 4 fun demos: y Snake - where you control a snake with a marker. y Defender - up to 4 player version of a pong-like game. y Map -...
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