Total Quality Management

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Session III Assignment
September 14, 2006

Chapter 5
1. List various techniques to sustain continuous improvement. There are many different methods to sustain improvement, however there are four common strategies that can be used in many different scenarios: repair, refinement, renovation, and reinvention.

2. Give an example of the use of PDSA cycle in your personal life and in your work experience. PDSA indicates that we should Plan, Do, Study, and Act. In my personal life this class requirements are an example of PDSA. When working on an assignment I Plan what topic I will write about. Next I will write or Do the document. Once written I Study the document to determine if improvements can be made. And finally I Act upon the results of my study to Act upon possible improvements. In my work experience I recently had a major project to supply wireless network connectivity to the University. Initially I planned how the network would be managed, secured, and implemented. I then actually completed the work. Once implemented I studied the wireless network and actually determined many areas that needed additional work. I then acted upon those results to make many of the necessary changes.

3. Select a problem in one of the processes of your daily life and use the seven phases to solve it. The seven phases are: Identify the Opportunity, Analyze the Current Process, Develop the Optimal Solution, Implement Changes, Study the Results, Standardize the Solution, and Plan for the future. A problem that I encounter on a daily basis is that of network connectivity concerns from the University community. Thus my opportunity is to implement a method of resolving such problems. My current process doesn’t take a lot of analysis to determine that if follows a hit and miss approach. Thus I need a method that follows through in a logical manner step-by-step eliminating each possible problem. Upon research and experience review I can...
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