Total Quality Management

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Total Quality’ represents a competitive strategy.
In other words, ‘Quality’ in terms of
‘Total Quality’ is everything an organization does
in the eyes of its customers, which will determine whether they buy from this company or from its competitor. ‘Total
Quality’ provides an umbrella under which everyone in the
organization can strive and create customer satisfaction.

TQM has emerged as a new and different way of managing business that allows it to provide quality goods and services at the lowest cost in order to achieve customers’ satisfaction and, at the same

time, to ensure satisfactory business development by continuous improvements. TQM, thus eyes the triple targets of gaining maximum productivity, profitability and customer loyalty.
Total Quality Management ( TQM )


→ Quality involves everyone and all activities in the company


→ Conformance to requirements ( Meeting customer requirements )

Management →
Quality can and must be managed

TQM → A process for managing quality; it must be a
continuous way of life; a philosophy of perpetual improvement in everything we do.

As defined by ISO :

TQM is a management approach for an organization, centered on quality, based on the participation of all its members and aiming at long-term success through customer satisfaction, and benefits to all members of the organization and to society.

The reasons for all the business organizations
adopting TQM concept are as follows :

· Overriding concern for quality.

· Achieving certification from national and
international organization regarding quality assurance in all facets in the organization.

· Gaining competitive advantage over its rivals.

· Achieving customer satisfaction

· Overall growth of the business.

· Reducing losses due to wasteful practices.

Continuous improvement with respect to improving results and more importantly with improving capabilities to produce better results in future.

There exist extensive numbers of examples of failed or badly performed implementation processes of TQM. The relatively frequent occurance of failed or badly performed implementation processes is a problematic phenomenon, which negatively affects organizations, irrespective of size, in their development towards business excellence and ultimately survival in a competitive environment.

However, following are the key elements which can lead a
foundation for the successful implementation of TQM in the business organisation :

Quality Planing :
Planning quality improvement, implementing the plan,
analyzing the results and re-planning is a continuous cycle ( Plan-Do-Check-Act ). Inter-related improvement plans are deployed at all levels of the organization ( corporate, department, process, individual ). Following are the steps for quality planing :

· Quality policy is formulated.

· Quality policy is adopted by the management
explicitly, stating its commitment and intentions with respect to quality.

· Quality plans are established annually based on
quality policy.

· The feedback on quality problems encountered in
the past or expected in the future is collected.

· Based on this feedback, quality objectives
involving every function are set.

· Quality objectives are set in regard to
procedures, training, quality costs, documents, tools and gauges, preventive maintanence, development of new products, etc.

· Quality plans are monitored quarterely by the
quality council, reporting directly to the chief executive.

Leadership and Management commitment :
Leadership is possibly the most important element in TQM. It appears everywhere in organization. Leadership in TQM requires the manager to provide an inspiring vision, make strategic directions that are understood by all and to instill values that guide subordinates. For TQM to be successful in the business, the supervisor must be committed in leading his...
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