Torccelo Island

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Tiyam Arshad Bakhtiari
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30 October 2012

What does Byzantine style influence on Santa Maria Assunta Church in Venice?
Byzantine architecture is the Later Roman architecture Empire. The mosaic form date back to the 11th century with their strong Byzantine influence that is one of the best mosaics in the Northern Italy -a building with a basilica design divided by Greek marble columns-. Mosaics of the Last judgment were kind of mosaics that were one of the best examples of representational art in the west depicting the end of the world and the Day of Judgment. Mosaics of Byzantine-Ravennate school, including a Last Judgment in the counter-façade.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is a church on Torcello Island near to Venice; it is the oldest building in Lagoon area. It is an example of Venetian-Byzantine architecture. The Exarch Isaac of Ravemma founded it in 639. There are two buildings near to Santa Maria Assunta Church one is the bell tower and the other is Santa Fosca, When you plan to go to visit Torcello island the boat will stops before in two other islands and you have to change the boat two times. One of the islands is Burano and the other is Murano Island.

Torcello Island takes about 2hours by boat from Venice.
When you arrive you have to follow the cost along a narrow canal on the left side. In the island, the hustle and bustle of Venice is long forgotten. The bell tower is the only tall feature visible on the otherwise flat horizon and the center of the island’s enchantment.

Romans discover this place. Torcello name comes from “Torre e cielo” which means “tower and sky”.
This island is older than Venice. It is either larger than Venice. Venice’s first Cathedral, first houses and first workshops were all located on Torcello, from here the first trading vessels sailed. In the 10th century the population of there was at least 10,000 people so it was powerful than Venice. Therefore more now the population of this island is about twenty people.

Torcello derives from “Torcellum”, one of the ancient defensive gates of the Roman city of Altinums. People first come to this island because they were running away from Atilla [the hungerians] to be safe. They came here and built Santa Maria Asunta Church. Every thing is done bye purpose in this church. Here is one of the great achievements of Byzantine art. The cathedral’s typically Byzantine dedication to the Mother of God is clear affirmation of catholic faith.

My opinion about what is shown in this church:
Byzantine characteristics are: Mosaics, Brick plaster, stone inscription, glasses, iconostasis, Basilar style and etc.
The scene divides into 2 parts. The first part is date back to 12th century. These represent in Byzantine tradition the mystery of the death of Christ. At the top we see Christ crucified with Mary.

The second scene shows Christ victorious over evil and death. It hits the devil and the broken doors of Hell.
The art was about hell and heaven, the man who is in the egg is not a normal man so I think in Christianity means god. Mary the mother of God is in the mosaic art. The virgin is Byzantine tradition

People on left are the good peoples and the right ones are bad, so that’s why angels are on left side and evils on right. There are two angels with gem-studded robes, and the twelve white-clad figures of the Apostles, with a host of angels behind them, demand final judgment. An angel places the good and evil committed by the person under judgment on the scales while the devils with long poles try to tip them in their favor.

The instruments of Christ’s passion, the crown of thorns, the spear and the sponge, are all shown in this art.
The sealed book will be opened at the moment of judgment. Adam and Eve kneel before the throne, imploring mercy.
In 15th century style...
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