Shakespeare Globe Theatre Diary

Topics: Globe Theatre, Debut albums, Lord Chamberlain's Men Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Dear Diary

Today I went to the Globe theatre for the first time. The journey there was very entertaining and picturesque, instead of going by ferry as many people usually do I decided to save my money and do a bit of exercise by walking instead across the London Bridge which was also good. As I came by the Globe theatre I passed the pits where bear baiting and cockfightings were taking place. The streets were full of people, some were pushing to get through others were shouting and quite a few were begging. As I finally walked up the great hill, I caught sight of ‘the building’ and I knew at once it was the globe Theatre, it was the gorgeous narrow castle on the left. It was the most out-standing building of all of them and it had a reddish flag at the very top which meant there was a performance on that day. The building was like a sky-scraper and its colour was just so different from the dull and dark other buildings. The building had a very circular shape. From the inside, the globe theatre was just like I had expected it to be, the walls were decorated with carved- in paintings that had probably faded away throughout the years because you couldn’t see much of them now. The room was brightly lit by the sun and there was a massive stage in the middle where the actors acted out. At the back of the stage there was the musician’s gallery where the sounds took place. At the entrance I had to pay 5 pence for my seat. It would have been better sitting where the upper-class citizens (gentlemen’s rooms) sat but I was short out of money and thought it was too expensive, it would have cost me one shilling! Although it must have been worse for the lower –class citizens because they had to stand to watch the show. The room was overcrowded; there were approximately about 3,000 people in the same room!
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